Here are just a few of my soaps I have now

I make special orders with your favorite photo like this one

This one was made for a special order and I charge $6.50 + shipping..It is about $2.60 for first class and I will combine shipping on multiple purchases
I can fit 3 bars of soap in FR box for $5.40

 Ceramic soap dish to keep by your kitchen sink with Apple scented soap petals..Selling for $6.50 + shipping (PM $5.40) and insured and tracking
 This photo was taken by a man that takes awesome photos..His name is Ralph Mims and I just loved this photo and had to put it on a bar of soap with Cozy Cabin scent..$2.60 shipping and soap sells for $6.50
 This was made special for a friend
 Another soap that I just loved the photo and scent is Cozy cabin..Sells for $6.50 and $2.60 to ship FC
 another one I loved with old fashioned cook stove and scented with Grandmas Kitchen..$6.50 and $2.60 FC shipping
 Pretty little ceramic soap dish and has special paste rubbed on design and includs 6 tiny little flower soaps...selling for $7.00 + shipping of $5.40..Scent is called Fresh Linen
 Clam shell with 3 hand embellished fish soap..selling for $5.00 and scent is Fresh Linen..I will have to check on shipping for this one and think it can be shipped in padded env
 same as clam shell with 3 fish like the 1 above but different fish
 OPPS..This is a repete of one above
 White Ceramic soap dish with pretty Red rose soap and has pink soap petals and sop leaves all scented with Roso scent..Selling for $8.00 and shipping is $5.40 PM
 Nice white ceramic soap dish with 2 hand embellished red Roses and also silk soap leaves and scented with Rose Scent...Marked Down to $9.00 plus $5.40 PM shipping
 Pretty white soap dish with hand embellished Yellow Roses and also some flower petal and Leaves soap Petals.Also scented with Rose scent and marked down to $9.00 and $5.40 PM shipping
 Another Opps .displayed twice
 Set of 6 fish that are the same as the ones in the Clam dish and selling for $4.00 and $2.35 shipping FC
 another Log cabin soap same as one listed above and Log Cabin scent..selling $6.50 and $2.60 shipping FC
 same as soap above but different picture
 another soap with old fashioned cook stove and scented with Grandmas kitchen scent
 Embellished raised design Cross soap..Lavender scented and selling for $3.00 and $2.60 FC shipping
 small embellished cross soap also embellished  and Lavender scented selling for $2.00 each and about $1.75 shipping FC
Another big OPPS and I don't drink so don't know how it happened.
I accept PP as a gift payment and will check shipping when purchased to make sure I have the cheapest rate..Questions or to purchase please leave a comment

all soap is on hold

I am temporarily out of soap since it has been packed for the move...getting ready to head back home soon and then I will have a lot more items up for sale